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Are you an architect embarked upon designing web services for your next SOA application? Then you have come to the right place to see live examples of web services from all over the internet and understand the various design patterns. The intention of this page is not to give any specific recommendation of how to design the web services, but just provide information on the various options.

Interface only Web Service Definition UDDI API V3 Web Service is an example that contains only the interface definition of the web service and not the implementation. Concrete implementation of a webservice comes from the binding and service components. types, message and portType components provide the interface definition. Interface-only definitions allow the implementor to pick the right prototcol, data format and endpoint but use the same abstract messages.
Interface + Concrete protocol and data format In addition to defining the interface, the binding component can also be included in the wsdl. This leaves only the service component (and the port within it) which provide the details of the actual endpoint of the service. By including the binding in a wsdl, the wsdl designer can enforce the intent of the desired protocols and data formats the implementor should provide.
Multiple ports and bindings Currency Convertor Web Service is an example that provides multiple bindings (SOAP, HTTP GET and POST).
Multiple bindings sharing a single portType Weather Web Service is an example that provides multiple bindings sharing the same port type (SOAP 1.2 and 1.1 bindings share the same portType).
Multiple services in the same wsdl QueueService is an example that provides multiple services in the same wsdl. Note: The latest queue service wsdl has only a single service. Check the earlier version to see multiple services.
SOAP RPC Bible Web Service is an example that provides SOAP RPC binding
HTTP GET and POST web services Delayed Stock Quote is an example that provides HTTP GET and POST bindings. Click on the DelayedStockQuoteHttpGet and DelayedStockQuoteHttpPost tabs for live interation with these web services! Enter MSFT (Microsoft) for StockSymbol (or any other US stock symbol) and leave the LicenseKey blank.

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